NOW AVAILABLE: The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study Guide

The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study GuideBackground

Ever felt overwhelmed or even confused about the billions of thoughts that run through your mind in a lifetime?

Ever wonder where they come from? Is it you thinking that, or something else?

Ever second-guess thoughts that come into your mind?

Ever wonder how much you are really being influenced by evil voices?

Ever felt like no one could explain it at church or in Sunday school quite right?

Ever wish someone could explain so that it makes sense?

Ever wish you could just have a cheat sheet or quick reference guide you can refer to just to keep you in check?

These have been some of the questions we and our kids have asked within our family. We started out just realizing that our kids just weren’t getting it, and when they weren’t getting it, we wondered if we were even getting it. But we knew it was our personal responsibility to teach it to them, and not the church’s responsibility. After all, an hour or so a week with all the social distractions at church just wasn’t cutting it.

Our teenage kids were going to seminary and coming home confused because their seminary teachers weren’t talking about this stuff or they weren’t able to explain it clearly. So, we started out teaching pieces and parts and then tried to bring it all together in a single, compiled page that could be put in each of the kids’ family study binders.  The more we learned, we added more and more content, and the font kept getting smaller and smaller as we tried to keep everything to just one page as a simple reference. Very early versions looked something like this:

3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study Guide

We navigated through section by section and scripture by scripture with stories, experiences, practical explanations and object lessons. We did that over a few months in a daily scripture study. We also had to account for how to teach it to different ages of our kids, which has its own challenges. But don’t let this sound like it was only about the kids. As parents, we were learning a ton and its application became invaluable. It was like doing decades of spiritual catch-up (not ketchup) that we wished we would have had as kids.

Then, we would use it as a reference when we had to have one-on-one talks with the kids or disciplinary situations. It was our way of reinforcing it over and over again since we all learn by repetition. As a matter of fact, we are probably due to start studying this again with the family. Repetition breeds belief and confidence in personal revelation, which is what we ultimately wanted for us and our family.

Who This Guide Is For

For any individual seeking to have a better discernment of personal revelation, even a “perfect knowledge” (Moroni 7:15).


This is a functional and practical study guide to help anyone to better discern the three voices of eternity. It could even be considered a reference guide to continue coming back to, as needed, for momentary guidance.

This is a compilation of notes from seekers of knowledge and truth. The purpose of this compilation is to support the individual spiritual journey of each desiring person by pointing them directly to the Savior, Jesus Christ, through the written words of Christ and, equally as important, through the voice of Christ which is personal revelation. It is intended to help a person gain confidence in their revelation.

How Do You Use This

Study Aids

We’re visual people. So, we scraped off a lot of the content from the early single page versions and put that content into what is now known as the Study Guide. What was left was a visual illustration that tries to depict the scenario each of us is experiencing all the time. That illustration is now a companion visual study aid to this Study Guide. Now, there are currently three companion study aids (two visual illustrations; one table) in this study guide to help you compare and contrast the 3 voices:

Visual Illustration–The Big Picture of the 3 Voices: The purpose is to help the reader see the big picture of what is happening at all times among the 3 voices. This is a high-level comparison that includes all the major characteristics of the 3 voices including:

  • It Is/They Are
  • What It/They Speak or Do
  • Where You Sense or Experience It/Them:
  • To Whom
  • When You Sense or Experience It/Them
The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation - Big Picture
This is a high-level comparison that includes all the major characteristics of the 3 voices.

Visual Illustration–What The 3 Voices Speak or Do:  The purpose is to be a quick visual comparison of just the “speak or do” aspect among the 3 voices. This offers a deeper description of each of the voices.

[Illustration Credit: Special thanks and credit to Jordan Jensen for his creative interpretation and development of this illustration.]

The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study Guide

Table–Quick Compare & Contrast:  This a side-by-side (table) comparison of all the major characteristics of the 3 voices.

The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study Guide

All companion visual aids will also be found in Appendix C of this Study Guide.


This study guide will not necessarily contain scriptures for every point made because it was designed to also be functional and practical. Also, this study guide will not necessarily contain an in-depth study of certain subjects. In those situations, you will find links or references to other places to get that deeper context and in-depth study including The Doctrine of Christ Study Guide.

We hope this study guide will stretch you personally while adding clarity to things you have heard, studied or experienced throughout your life. The personal and practical nature of this study guide combined with any referenced scriptures is intended to “point you” in the right direction. They also do not represent all the possible relevant words of the Lord. As always, when scriptures are used, please don’t just read the partial verses from the outline. It is recommended that you feast on and search His words in scripture by reading, pondering and receiving the verses before and after the named verses as well as footnotes and other places so that His Spirit may lead you.

The latest version of The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study Guide is found here.

If you have suggestions on how to make this even more practical and insightful, we are open to hearing it. Shoot us an email: is based on complimentary, online Study Guides to help you learn, believe, live and teach the Doctrine of Christ. The Study Guides invite any and all to see and know this truth for themselves that the Savior, Jesus Christ, has, in fact, introduced His doctrine and He personally invites all to literally receive Him while in the flesh (mortality).

These study guides are intended to point you to both the Lord’s written word and His voice (personal revelation). These study guides will help you uncover what the Doctrine of Christ is and other essential topics that will help you in your journey to come into His presence while in mortality. All study guides are available at

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