Ok, so maybe you still are not ready to embrace the reality of the church of the devil as explained in the post done more than a year ago (False Traditions: There Are Save Two Churches Only—Part 1: The Church & Kingdom of the Devil). Well, this post is for you. The original post was intended to give you an introductory wake-up call to what was coming and what has now been a pretty eventful and even controversial time since. But this post puts all of that spiritual depth aside for a bit and just focuses with a practical approach. I am posting this here because the likelihood of this being scrubbed, filtered, prohibited and therefore removed from other social media platforms is extremely high. The fact that this is a reality should make you question everything about the narratives you see all over media. But that is a topic of discussion likely in the next post.

My wife is an extremely practical woman. She is a constant reminder for me to keep things simple most of the time and to not get caught up in extremes or just doing too much. It’s a real breath of fresh air to my soul.

This past year has been a firestorm of emotional dialogue around COVID-19 and the experimental vaccines related to it. I am willing to help anyone figure out what is best for themself and minors or the elderly that they may have guardianship over. To do that, I want to temporarily remove as much of the emotion from the equation in exchange for some practical, rational thinking.

The Facts

I want to invite you to approach this virus and your personal health (physical, emotional, mental) in terms of an investment strategy. After all, like financial investments, the returns on your personal health will be what you invest or put into it. Sound investing should always be based on information. The more accurate information  you have, the likelihood of success increases. So here are some facts for your to consider and help guide you:

  1. The virus is real, the narrative, not so much—There is a man-made virus commonly known as COVID-19 that when contracted by a person can produce negative physical, emotional, and/or mental effects. Extreme effects include the possibility of death. As of today the risk of death can be as much as ~1.5% depending on the pre-existing conditions of your own physical health (which factors in age.)  The COVID-19 mortality rates reported by mainstream news do not explain that many of the deaths are attributable to pre-existing health conditions. What they also do not tell you is that COVID-19 statistical infections and reasons for deaths have replaced (not supplemented) other medical diagnoses like the regular flu, colds, heart disease, diabetes, and many others. The popular media narrative does not attempt to tell the whole story—much less the accurate story. While the focus has been on the potential downside risk (up to ~1.5%), it also means that a person has ~98.5% chance of living. Seriously. Would you take $100 bucks to Vegas with 98-99% odds of winning every single bet on every single game?!? Any sane, rational person would. I would. Especially since I am not a fan of gambling and it would put casinos out of business—haha. Heck, in less than an hour, the casinos would kick you out because you were walking away with millions of dollars. Ponder that for a moment.
  2. Everyone is a carrier—Everyone, yes every one, is a carrier of countless millions of viruses, bacteria and other microbes. Some are good for your body while others have potential negative effects. If you have NOT received the experimental vaccine, you are a carrier. If you HAVE received the experimental vaccine, you are a carrier.
  3. It’s a choice but it’s a choice to protect only yourself—Per the previous fact, no amount of getting the experimental vaccine prevents you from sharing the virus with others. Receiving the experimental vaccine has NOTHING to do with protecting others. A vaccine, if you believe it is effective or would be effective for you, and you choose to receive it would be a choice to try and protect yourself ONLY. Aside from a pregnant or nursing mother, nothing you take into your own body (in an attempt to supplement your own God-given immune system) will benefit someone else’s body or immune system.
  4. Your body has God-given power—Your body has the ability to heal itself when given the proper self-treatment—like an amazing machine. Your body’s ability to heal itself and overcome all sorts of setbacks is none other than “the true Godsend.” In extreme cases people’s bodies need additional help to spur or facilitate its own healing.
  5. Masks are largely a psychological band-aid—Microbes can permeate the mask filter that people wear on their faces. Every exhale pushes carbon-dioxide outside the borders of your mask. Every time you touch your mask, like to adjust it, will compromise its effectiveness if there was any to begin with. Too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen can have negative effects on your personal health including death. But, hey, they make people feel protected. A mask does not protect you from natural encounters with microbes all over your face, hair, head, neck, hands and the other parts of your body.
  6. Herd Immunity by vaccine is not the solution—Take it from a medical professional and M.D.., “We are hearing about herd immunity a lot lately. Frankly, this term is being co-opted to achieve higher vaccination rates. In fact, from June 2020-November 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) changed the definition of herd immunity to imply it can only be achieved through vaccination. The truth is active immunity is achieved by natural immunity. Vaccine-induced immunity is partial immunity but is not true immunity.

So, let me explain. True immunity is obtained through exposure to an infection that your body fights off. When your body defeats an infection, you gain lifelong immunity to that infection in the future. You even acquire some—even considerable—immunity to different strains of the infection. I have a friend who had SARS (along with her husband) in 2003. My friend and her husband were exposed to SARS-COV-2 through their housekeeper (who developed COVID-19) in February of 2020. However, because my friend and her husband had SARS 17 years ago, they developed only very minor symptoms for about 2 days.

Mothers who have natural immunity to infections pass that immunity to their babies. It’s called transplacental immunity. My same friend who had SARS had a baby in 2007. Their child who was 12 years old and likely had multiple exposures to SARS-COV-2 in addition to the household exposure, did not become sick. Transplacental immunity does not occur if the mother is vaccinated.

The theory behind vaccine-created immunity is that vaccines prime your immune system to fight off an infection if you are ever exposed to it. However, vaccines use a much weaker strain than that found in nature. This is one reason multiple booster shots are needed, and why we see breakthrough cases of diseases we inoculate against. Another reason vaccines do not provide 100% immunity is because your immune system is designed to respond to exposures, not intramuscular injections with toxic adjuvants.

Now, the COVID-19 shots are brand new technologies that work differently than typical vaccines. However, like traditional vaccines these injections will also require you to take multiple booster shots. And, as with traditional vaccines, we are already seeing breakthrough cases in people who have taken the COVID shots—not to mention serious adverse effects, including disability and death, from the vaccines themselves

Getting back to herd immunity, the important thing to remember is if you have had a disease and recovered from it, you have lifelong immunity. So, you do not need to be vaccinated against it. A recent study showed that people who have had SARS-COV-2 are unlikely to become reinfected, and that the COVID shots do not provide additional protection to previously infected individuals.” (Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.)

So, with those facts in mind, let’s consider how you might go about implementing an investment strategy in your personal health (physical, emotional, mental). Consider at least three investment strategies:

INVESTMENT STRATEGY 1: The do-nothing-I’m-good strategy

This is America, land of the free and home of the brave. It might just suit you to do nothing different about your personal health than what you were doing, say, two years ago. That is fine. It’s a personal choice. And I encourage you to do what you believe is right for you and your own physical, mental and emotional health.

Maybe you are already extremely conscious and proactive about your personal health. You exercise regularly, have wellness checkups, eat extremely well to consume all of the balanced vitamins and minerals your body needs to sustain and protect itself from serious harm and the like.

As you know this world is not perfect. So this strategy still includes the risk of getting the virus and any other virus equally as much as the risk was two years ago. And your body has the same likelihood of fighting off infection and healing itself. Like everyone else, you will continue to be a carrier. This investment strategy has as much as a ~1.5% risk of downside in addition to the risk you already have built into your current personal health condition.

INVESTMENT STRATEGY 2: The natural, inexpensive hedge strategy

In this strategy you evaluate your own personal health (your bet.) You’re not satisfied with your put-vegas-out-of-business-odds. As in investment strategies, you want to hedge your bet against any type of loss (negative, downside). A hedge is an investment that is made with the intention of reducing the risk of adverse effects. Normally, a hedge consists of taking an offsetting or opposite position. In a hedge, you are essentially going to take out an insurance policy to cover as much as a ~1.5% risk of extreme downsides of something like death.

In this strategy, a person would hedge by attempting to improve their personal health and especially their immune system through natural means. You know, the common sense sort of stuff that people did before COVID-19 like changing their personal lifestyle, adding healthier food options to their diet, increasing their exercise, supplementing with vitamins and minerals and more. If a person experiences mild to severe symptoms associated with COVID-19, then they can take supplements including Hydroxychloroquine (which can even be homemade) or Ivermectin (which is accessible over the counter), zinc, vitamin C & D and more. All of this will not only treat symptoms but regular vitamins and minerals can help improve or even rebuild your God-given immune system for any type of future exposure.

Again, you know this world is not perfect. So this strategy still includes the risk of getting the virus and any other virus equally as much as the risk was two years ago. And your body has the same likelihood of fighting off infection and healing itself. Like everyone else, you will continue to be a carrier. This investment strategy has as much as a ~1.5% risk of downside in addition to the risk you already have built into your current personal health condition.

INVESTMENT STRATEGY 3:  The unnatural, potentially dangerous and expensive hedge strategy

In this strategy you first evaluate your own personal health (your bet.)  But you’re not satisfied with your put-vegas-out-of-business-odds (~98.5%.) So you decide to implement a hedge strategy by making an investment in an insurance policy to cover the ~1.5% risk of an extreme downside like death by getting any of the available experimental vaccines. Keep in mind that this is not an insurance policy that protects you from getting the virus or even experiencing mild to severe symptoms of the virus—because, yes, you can still get it and experience these symptoms after receiving the experimental vaccines (see the above guidelines.)  Essentially, this is truly an insurance policy that you primarily hope protects you from dying. 

But like any insurance policy or hedge tactic, it will cost you. It is not free. Even when the insurance policy (experimental vaccine) is promoted and distributed as free, it has a natural cost associated with it that many may not have considered. Your costs include any combination of (a) the risk of the experimental vaccine not working and having your hopes and expectations dashed, (b) the risk of negative side effects associated with the experimental vaccine itself, (c) the risk of physical complications associated with mixing the experimental vaccine into your own current biological condition, or (d) the risk of added mental, emotional side effects. “What complications,” you ask? Well, you won’t find these complications talked about by the same people that are pushing you to invest in their insurance policy (the experimental vaccine). No, you have to dig deeper than mainstream news to find the records and documentaries of thousands and even tens of thousands that are experiencing negative side effects after having received it. These complications include mixing the experimental vaccine with an existing biological condition that you either already know about or one that you have no idea you have. Unfortunately, the effects of these complications include a myriad of negative physical, emotional, and mental outcomes. But the negative effects also include none other than death. Don’t believe it? Do your homework. You know, research it. Something that many didn’t do when they decided to get the experimental vaccine insurance policy the first time. Be a seeker of truth. After all, your life depends on it. 

Again, you know this world is not perfect. So this strategy still includes the risk of getting the virus and any other virus equally as much as the risk was two years ago. Like everyone else, you will continue to be a carrier. This investment strategy has as much as a ~1.5% risk of downside in addition to the risk you already have built into your current personal health condition. However, unlike the other strategies, by introducing something new into your body, you also run the risk of negatively impacting your body’s own natural ability to fight off infection. Also, if you do experience any negative side effects from these experimental vaccines, you should know that in 1986, Congress gave vaccine manufacturers complete immunity from all liability resulting from vaccine injury, shifting the financial burden to US taxpayers, who, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), have paid out $4 billion to vaccine-injured families since that date. That is a lot, considering that fewer than 1% of all vaccine injuries are reported.


Regardless of which strategy you invest in, I want to recommend a couple of things. The first is please do not abandon common sense. When the virus media outbreak began in 2020, there was all sorts of mis-information and chaos. Up until recently, the go-to expert was Bill Gates of all people and all of a sudden centuries of medical science went out the window. It was said that you can now be sick without symptoms (asymptomatic). Wait, so this one virus broke all the rules of medical science? And what about limitations on group gatherings. So, the virus is only smart enough to infect people in social gatherings of 11 or more, or religious church gatherings of 100 or more people? Any less people than that and the virus doesn’t have a fighting chance? Common sense says do what you were doing before the virus—maintain good hygiene, don’t pick your nose, and stay home from work if you are sick. Come on, people. Please just don’t abandon common sense.

Also, be a seeker of truth. We have been conditioned as a society to look to a relative few for answers to life’s questions. Whether it is Dr. Oz, Oprah, politicians that want the popular vote including the President of the United States, talk show hosts, media influencers, sports entertainers, institutional religious leaders and even famous actors for crying out loud. It’s a bit comical, but you would think that the idea that they are “actors” was enough to persuade people otherwise but it still happens. Instead of placing your trust in “the arm of flesh” (humankind) please question everything. Yes, everything. Related to this, be open to the real possibility that the church of the devil exposed in the Book of Mormon and prophesied to bring people into bondage in the last days could have power to actually control something as big as this so-called pandemic and increase their control of people’s lives through false narratives and dangerous remedies. Yes, be absolutely open to that. 

Do your research. Look for contradictions, inconsistencies and the pure lack of common sense. Do not be an echo-chamber. Go to the source. Sometimes it takes going to multiple sources to verify something. Don’t dismiss something just because it doesn’t appear to fit your comfortable narrative. If you are still confused or at a standstill, seek for the Lord’s words. Ask for the Lord’s personal guidance in finding His truth, hearing His truth and understanding His truth.

Live free. Ultimately, you are accountable to the Lord for your personal journey.

JourneyDoctrineOfChrist.org is based on free, online study guides to help you learn, believe, live and teach the Doctrine of Christ. The Study Guides invite any and all to see and know this truth for themselves that the Savior, Jesus Christ, has, in fact, introduced His doctrine and He personally invites all to receive personal redemption and to even literally receive Him while in the flesh (mortality).

Blog posts are only intended to supplement the Study Guides.  Per all blog posts, seek the understanding and confirmations from the Lord in your own personal revelation.  Study guides are intended to point you to both the Lord’s written word and His voice (personal revelation). These study guides will help you uncover what the Doctrine of Christ is and other essential topics that will help you in your journey to literally “come unto Christ” while in mortality. All study guides are available at JourneyDoctrineOfChrist.org.

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