The Realm of Heavenly Messengers

Heavenly Messengers

Ministering angels are sent by The Father/Mother or The Son.  Ministering angels have always been a means of the Lord communicating with mortal man. It is not about deserving as much as it is about seeking, knocking and asking through faith. They are available to all mankind (Moroni 7:21-37). The only time they cease to minister to us is when mortal man has “unbelief” (Moroni 7:37).  

There is a hierarchy of angels because the works of the Lord are ordered and the Lord’s works are endless.  Angels are both male and female and they can work together.  There are angels of different types with each type having their own purpose.  There are angels among us on earth and a person can discern them through the spirit.

Heavenly messengers can also be God, the Son, Jesus Christ and/or God, the Father/Mother.  Your own spirit in Their presence or Their presence to you on earth would always have a very specific purpose to your spiritual development.

What They Speak or Do

Whether God comes themselves or sends ministering angels is completely dependent upon the message or purpose of the interaction.  Each interaction always has a purpose according to the order of heaven.  Each interaction is personal and the interaction is relevant to your personal spiritual needs.  The primary purposes of heavenly messengers include:

  • The Witness of God in Their Glory
    • Second Comforter—Personally witness the marks of Savior’s atonement, experience His glory and be taught by Him in His presence (John 14:21)
    • The presence, glory and witness of the Father & Mother
  • Bestow Blessings & Gifts of all kinds including the gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Teach & declare messages of truth (2 Nephi 32:3; Moroni 7:22,25)
    • Call to repentance (Moroni 7:29–32)
    • Reveal the past, present and future
    • Comfort; Give strength
    • Give warning

Where You Sense or Experience Heavenly Messengers

When you have any experience with what you believe is a heavenly messenger you should always, always confirm that it is a messenger of light sent by the Lord by conversing with the Lord.  If you discern in the presence of dark spirits that are deceptively appearing as messengers of light then you should “cry out unto the Lord” (1 Nephi 8:8).  Discernment is a gift and you should always be discerning and developing that gift.

Only a few scriptural references are included with these points–there are many, many more relevant scriptures.  Follow this link to learn more about the realm of heavenly messengers in The 3 Voices of Personal Revelation Study Guide:

  • Who heavenly messengers appear to
  • When you will sense or experience them
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